Film Still "Chaplin Dissolve" by Vivian G

Tonight’s Program: Quotidian Hypnosis

Programming for Quotidian Hypnosis will begin shortly after 6:30pm and continue until 9pm.

The agenda will be as follows:
6:35 Untitled, Alexei Dmitriev
6:38.30 Run and Run, Laura Gower
6:40 Tolerance, Kuesti Fraun
6:41 BEN, Kuesti Fraun
6:42 Bad Connection, Talia Feder
6:45.06 Commercial Propaganda, Holly Wilson
6:48 Chaplin Dissolve, Vivian G
6:49 Feeling Through Eyes: Texture Study #16, Heather Engen

The films will loop again at 7:10, 7:40, 8:10, and 8:40.

See you all tonight!