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Teaching Artists Isaak Le & Miguel Astudillo

We’re so delighted to feature the work of our inaugural Teaching Artists, Isaak Le and Miguel Astudillo, this First Friday at the Wall! For the past few months, Isaak and Miguel have been at Melrose Leadership Academy in East Oakland, exploring filmmaking, storytelling, acting – and just generally having fun with second and fourth graders!

Miguel worked with Luz Salazar’s fourth grade class: We divided into four teams, which named themselves Los Lenguaje, Los DJ’s, Los Tigres Blancos, and Los Fuegos Azules. We wanted to figure out about our languages history and decided to come up with four biographical documentary stories that talk about where our ancestors come from, what language did they speak, and why did they come to a place like the Bay Area. Each group brainstormed, wrote and storyboarded their ideas based on previous interviews they did to each other. They decided what roles to play, like Director, Camera, Narrator, and Drawing Artist. These are the stories of Vanessa (Los Dj’s) Naima (Fuegos Azules), Citlalmina (Tigres Blancos), and Edgar (Los Lenguaje).

Isaak Le worked with Nessa Mahmoudi’s second grade class: Our team named themselves the Panteras Negras.  From what I could tell this was not politically motivated–the kids just really, really liked the animal.  We did lots of little things: played the Exquisite Corpse drawing game, danced a ton, colored GIFs, shot video, took film photos, interviewed, acted and roared.  It was fun. This video shows some of our good times.

See some of Isaak’s progress documentation here:

Vine –


We’ll post more videos soon – but for now, come check out their work May 1st!