Past Shows

April Show: Views of Earth

"Iceland" by Gunnar Konradsson

Over one billion people celebrate Earth Day, or so they say.  It is the largest secular holiday in the world, which is kind of a big deal. Wouldn’t it seem with all those people celebrating the earth, we’d be in a better shape?

Without too much doom and gloom, the Great Wall brings you “Views of Earth,” a show with many perspectives about this place we call home.

Ten video artists from several different continents bring us both jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring panoramic views of our planet, as well  as, some slightly more apprehensive, a few comic, outlooks on the subject.

The Show:

Iceland by Gunnar Konraddson

Sea of Glass by Sean Vicary

Times by Vincent Urban

Djemba, A Boy from Kibera by Jason Taylor

My Tokyo by Romain Alary

Metropolis by Rob Carter

Greedy Boy by Kim Young Ha

The Bumblebeez “Misfit” by The Glue Society

Ataque de Panico by Fede Alvarez

Step-O-Tron by Markus Hofko

Recycle Invaders by Thiago Maia